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P.S. 315 in Brooklyn works on address 725 East 23rd Street, NY 11210, opening hours can be found on the website schools.nyc.gov. All jobs are presented by the HR Department, to clarify special conditions by phone number +1 718-421-9560. Read reviews on the website related to the main events in Brooklyn: Establishment and school.

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725 East 23rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210
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+1 718-421-9560

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  • Former Student
    ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
    Where to start... There are SOME good teachers. For example, Ms. Davis, Ms. Dantone, and Ms. Parker. Now let’s get to the horrible a.k.a Ms. Leopold. I was relentlessly bullied in this school as a kid. I was naive enough to think that if I brought this to the attention of one of my teachers, I could finally be free of my tormentors. That was not the case, unfortunately. I came to Ms. Leopold for help. What I received in return was essentially a slap in the face (not literally). Instead of stopping my bullies, she added onto the torment by berating me. To this day, I never understood what I did to deserve it. I’ll be the first to admit that kids are far from perfect, myself included at that age. However, I did know right from wrong. A concept that seems to be absolutely foreign to Ms. Leopold. I accepted a position as a summer teachers aide a few years ago, while in college. I saw first-hand just how mean and difficult children may be. I personally witnessed amazing kids get bullied, just as I did when I was a child. It broke my heart. During my time there, I did everything in my power to put an end to the bullying that goes unchecked way too much in schools. I grew close to several of the kids being bullied and made sure to protect them and give them pep talks when they were feeling really down. It created a safe space for them to feel comfortable enough to approach me with their problems (big or small). Bullying is never okay. To Ms. Leopold - Shame on you. As an educator, you should do better.
  • Mariesha Carter
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I have been to this school ever since I has a baby. My older sister has been here since pre-k and my 2 cousins have also been here. In my opinion this is the WORST school of all the schools I have been to. Teachers have no respect for students or parents , talk in a very condescending way to both students and parents, have NO FAITH in any of their students and like students way more than another. They taught me nothing good at all for life in the future. There was only 4 teachers who were very nice to all of us and taught us good strategies for subjects we never understood. 2 of them left (Ms. Vitolo and Ms. Parker)The others are Ms.Dantone and Ms. Davis and Ms. Taylor that's ALL. The rest are horrible and disgusting!The principle doesn't know what she is doing at ALL. Back when I was in 4th or 5th grade one of the teachers with the last name Laveglia pushed a kid up the wall and choked him! Thank God that kid wasn't badly injured. The teacher was very buff and strong too and very intimidating. Also in 3rd grade the same teacher told me once ", I thought kids who wear glasses are supposed to be smart.." ... NOW THAT was a really bad stereotype to be saying to a kid ya know! I knew he was implying the fact that I was dumb and I basically started crying.
    h grade teacher Ms. Leopold used to pick on me for the littlest things every single day. Now at my new school aka Marine Park JHS 278
    they treat me with respect and they actually teach me new things I was unfortunately never taught at Marine Park.2 more things... I never got any rewards no matter how hard I tried. Field trips were horrible and prom was the WORST! At marine park I'm in the junior society of high grades .... I know for sure when I'm doing any speeches I am for sure not giving you a shout out. 1 more thing ... I remember when I was doing a private school application and my teacher Ms Leopold decided to write the worst things on my application. So don't ask to get a recommendation. And looking for a junior high school try marine park or mark twain there both good. By the Way if anybody from PS.315 is reading this its Mariesha Carter former student. You guys better start working harder cuz you have a long way to go.

    sincerely , one of your former students who feels so much MALICE against you... good bye

    ps. join the talent shows MS Christina outs on and join her dance group its great shes one of my favorite.
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Jobs in P.S. 315 - reviews

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  • Address: 725 East 23rd Street, NY 11210
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  • Phone number +1 718-421-9560
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  • The website schools.nyc.gov

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